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Our delicate eye area requires special care, especially as it ages faster than other parts. With the Instantly Smoothing Eye Cream and itsglow effect we'll make your eyes shine and stop premature aging with the power of paracress. Your eye area needs moisture? Then the Moisturizing Eye Cream is just right. It provides intensive moisture and stores it thanks to hydro depot for 12H, in addition, dryness wrinkles are smoothed. If your skin around the eyes is rather sensitive, we recommend the Soothing Eye Cream Gel, which immediately calms and reduces wrinkles with vitamin F and organic almond oil. Due to the cooling effect of organic eyebright and algae, the stressed eye area also looks relaxed.

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How to manage your eye care routine!

This is how you make the sensitive eye area shine with the SANTE products:

1 First, it is important to determine the right eye care and texture for your own skin type. The SANTE eye creams are particularly suitable for dry and demanding eye areas and are richer than the SANTE eye cream gel, which is ideal for sensitive skin due to its non-greasy formula.



2 The eye care should be given directly under the eye, and gently incorporated from the middle to the cheekbone. Here, it is advisable to use the ring finger for careful knocking and not to cream the care around the eye. In addition, product residues can be easily applied under the brow arch.