Hairstyling products for every hairstyle

With these products your hairstyle stays in place, with the power of nature. Our natural hair wax with caring coconut oil is not only suitable for styling short hairstyles but also for the top care of a long mane. If the hair should be fixed a little stronger, our styling gel is perfectly suitable. It strengthens the hair and also provides valuable moisture. If you face the daily challenge of bringing your hair into shape with a hairdryer, our mousse is the right choice, because it brings the hair into shape naturally and nourishes it noticeably with wheat and silk proteins. The perfect finish for any hairstyle is our hairspray, which gives your hair natural hold, shine and volume without making it sticky.

All hairstyling products at a glance

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Effective styling products for all requirements

For almost 40 years SANTE has been developing high-quality, young hair styling products for every hair type. SANTE guarantees effective styling for all hair types and needs: brittle and fragile hair becomes strong and healthy thanks to nutrient-rich care oils and with

Styling hair gel with organic extracts you can show off your hair in the best possible way.

Vegan natural cosmetics with organic raw materials

SANTE has always relied on natural ingredients with plant extracts directly from the company's own herb meadow, thus not only supporting the natural beauty of its customers, but also promoting sustainability: Because SANTE hairstyling products are guaranteed to be paraben-free and silicone-free. The hairstyling products, most of which are vegan, contain numerous organic ingredients, such as revitalizing organic jojoba oil - for a delicate skin feel.

These active ingredients provide support

Bio-Coconut Oil
Has a nourishing effect on all skin types and leaves behind a subtle tropical fragrance. It melts into the skin, and is quickly absorbed for a smooth complexion. The B-vitamins, minerals and trace elements ensure the skin is well moisturized.
Bio-Jojoba Oil
As it is revitalizing and very well tolerated, jojoba oil can be used universally. In chemical terms, it’s a wax that is quickly absorbed by the skin and provides you with a soothing feeling.
Silk Protein
It gives the hair volume and makes it easy to comb. Its film-forming properties smooth the hair structure and give it a silky shine, without sealing it.

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