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Shine, volume or moisture - our wide range of products is suitable for any need and the whole family. Our gloss shampoo with bio orange oil and coconut gives dull hair new energy. It gently cleans the scalp and hair, giving you more shine and volume. For even more gorgeous volume and new vitality, our volume shampoo is perfect for fine, limp hair. Our luxurious formula contains watermelon extract, bio goji and bio aloe vera juice to retain moisture and provide voluminous oomph. Our moisturizing shampoo will give you a moisture boost, containing bio aloe vera juice and bio mango extract to help dry hair retain healthy moisture and providing a natural shine.

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The right care for every hair need

Tired, stressed hair will love the revitalising effect of our repair shampoo. The luxurious formula contains bio gingko and bio olive oil as well as hair conditioner inulin for new vitality and resilience. Containing selected natural tensides, our daily shampoo offers a gentle yet thorough clean ideal for daily use by the whole family. It leaves hair shiny and well cared-for, and is also available in extra sensitive for especially sensitive scalps. It is important to carefully rinse all the shampoo out of your hair after washing so no product remains. Excess shampoo residue can weigh down your hair and leave it looking dull.