Real, uncomplicated natural cosmetics for your hair


Well-groomed and healthy hair - this works with gentle cleansing and intensive care based on mild formulas and valuable herbal ingredients. Discover the product variety of SANTE Organic Hair Care and find the right products for your individual hair type. Naturally silicone-free for a natural hair feel.

Our hair care range

Pure natural fragrances and precious organic ingredients


Hair conditioners

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The internationally recognized NATRUE seal adorns our shampoos and guarantees genuine and certified natural cosmetics
Our products contain valuable extracts from organic cultivation (kba) or wild collection
Our production site in Salzhemmendorf in the heart of Germany is CO2-neutral and we work with 100% green electricity
Our masks carry the COSMOS NATURAL seal. It also stands for genuine and certified natural cosmetics
We are committed to animal welfare. All hair care products contain no ingredients of animal origin

Active ingredients for strong & shiny hair

Bio-Birch Leaf Essence
Helps blood circulation in the scalp and ensures optimal nourishment of hair roots. Strengthens the hair and reduces hair loss, it also provides it with a subtle shine.
Bio-Aloe Vera Essence
Promotes the natural balance of all skin types and has a moisturizing effect. Over 200 active ingredients make the aloe plant valuable for cosmetic purposes and universally applicable.
Bio-Orange Essence
It has an antioxidant effect thanks to its high levels of vitamins and flavonoids. It also has a slightly astringent effect, but is mild enough for any skin type and gives the hair shine.

Your series for your hair type

for dry hair

for sensitive scalp

for shiny hair

Daily hair care routine

Our hair care products are suitable for daily care, but how often should we actually wash our hair without harming it? We often hear that daily washing dries our hair out or, on the contrary, leads to oily hair - but what is the truth in these rumours? They come from a time when many shampoos did not contain mild tensides. However, daily hair washing with shampoos and the surfactants of natural origin they contain is completely harmless.

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Sorge für Sie und die Welt

The SANTE principle is based on the idea of a sustainable and fair world. A respectful treatment of nature is close to our hearts - that's why many of our products come from controlled organic cultivation and many of them are vegan. This not only has a positive effect on our environment, but also on you: The care with natural substances is not irritating or stressful for your health, but beneficial and relaxing. For more than 30 years we have stood for responsible and natural natural cosmetics.

Individual for your care needs

Whether your hair is brittle, quickly greasy or scaly: SANTE hair care ranges are tailored to the different needs of each hair type and give it exactly what it needs - flat hair gets new strength and volume, dull and split ends shine with a healthy shine.

Intensive hair care with the power of nature

All our care products use natural ingredients: organic birch leaf extract, wheat proteins and white clay provide your hair with what it needs without irritating or weighing it down: The result is healthy, strong and shiny hair!