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Based on valuable ingredients such as organic aloe vera, clay and almond oil, our care products take care of every part of the body with the power of nature. The range of shower gels offers a wide variety of scents - from sparkling fresh to vanilla-warm, there is something for every taste. Also, the body lotions cover every skin requirement, so they have moisturizing, backgreasing and soothing properties. Who is looking for a mild deodorant without alcohol but good protection, can choose from different fragrances and dosage forms. Last but not least, our popular hand creams should not be forgotten, as they are the solution for dry and chapped hands.


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These active ingredients moisturize

Bio-Goji Berry Essence
Helps the skin neutralize free radicals, slowing down the skin aging process. A wide range of vitamins, minerals and polysaccharides help provide optimal nourishment of hair roots.
Bio-Coconut Essence
Has a nourishing effect on all skin types and leaves behind a subtle tropical fragrance. Besides the antiseptic, nourishing fatty acids, it also contains proteins and minerals.
Bio-Peppermint Essence
Invigorating and anti-inflammatory, used in dental care products peppermint extract has a positive effect on oral flora and also has a pleasant minty flavor.