Find your appropriate eye care

Finding the ideal eye care is not difficult. You should know your skin type and choose your care accordingly. For dry and sensitive skin we recommend our protective eye cream. It contains probiotics that keep the skin's natural protective layer in balance and thus strengthen its defences. It also prevents skin irritation and nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes with Bio-Inca Inchi Oil, which moisturizes and nourishes it. For immediate results, use our Instant Smoothing Eye Cream with Paracress. It promises immediate freshness, because the active ingredient spilanthol contained in paracress relaxes the facial muscles and gently levels the skin. In addition, the natural hyaluron increases the skin's moisture balance for a fresh and radiant eye area with glow effect.

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How to manage your eye care routine!

This is how you make the sensitive eye area shine with the SANTE products:

1 First, it is important to determine the right eye care and texture for your own skin type. The SANTE protective eye cream isparticularly suitable for dry and demanding eye areas and is richer than the SANTE immediatly smoothing eye cream, which is ideal for skin with first lines under the eyes.

2 The eye care should be given directly under the eye, and gently incorporated from the middle to the cheekbone. Here, it is advisable to use the ring finger for careful knocking and not to cream the care around the eye. In addition, product residues can be easily applied under the brow arch.

These active ingredients moisturize

Smoothens instantly, noticeably facial expression lines by relaxing the skin´s fine muscles and maintaining facial expressions with the herbal ingredient spilanthol. It also supports the skin's collagen network.
Bio-Inca Inchi Oil
Improves the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, and is particularly suitable for dry, mature skin. With the highest levels of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, Inca Inchi oil strengthens the skin barrier.