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Discover our solid vegan and silicone-free conditioners. Of course, without compromise and with natural fragrances. The perfect sustainable alternative to conventional shampoos. NATRUE certified, environmentally friendly, resource-saving and made with renewable raw materials. The cardboard material consists of 100% recycled fibers #zeroplastic. For the love of our planet. They are ideal for traveling and doing sports.

You are doing something good for your hair and by the way you are protecting our planet. Care and sustainability can be so easy!

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The correct use of hair conditioners

While shampoos remove sebum and styling residues from the hair and open the cuticle layer, a conditioner nourishes the hair and seals the cuticle layer. For proper application, the shampoo should first be thoroughly rinsed and then the conditioner should be worked into the wet hair lengths and tips. The hairline can be omitted, as too many care substances can have a burdening effect at this point. After about 1 minute the conditioner can be washed out.

Natural & Sustainable

Our conditioners

Our products contain valuable extracts from organic cultivation (kba) or wild collection
Our production site in Salzhemmendorf in the heart of Germany is CO2-neutral and we work with 100% green electricity
We are committed to animal welfare. Products marked as "vegan" do not contain any ingredients of animal origin

These active ingredients care for the hair

Bio-Birch Leaf Essence
Helps blood circulation in the scalp and ensures optimal nourishment of hair roots. Strengthens the hair and reduces hair loss, it also provides it with a subtle shine.
Bio-Aloe Vera Essence
Promotes the natural balance of all skin types and has a moisturizing effect. Over 200 active ingredients make the aloe plant valuable for cosmetic purposes and universally applicable.
Mango Butter
Binds moisture and has a smoothing and calming effect. As a relatively light butter, it is tenderly melting and an ideal lipid for both the skin and hair.

Your series for your hair type

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for sensitive scalp

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Long and powerful hair thanks to paraben-free conditioners

Full, healthy and voluminous hair, every day: With SANTE's vegan hair conditioners this is no longer a problem! With the SANTE

Shiny hair conditioner organic birch leaf and burdock root your hair feels pleasantly soft and smooth without weighing down. While the organic birch leaf extract stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and hair growth and at the same time effectively counteracts hair loss, the pro-vitamin B5 contained in the burdock root binds moisture in the hair and smoothes rough hair structures.

Optimally supplied and perfectly cared for with silicone-free hair conditioners

The SANTE Moisturizing Hair Conditioner with organic mango extract and organic aloe vera juice provides optimal care for dry and damaged hair: Both active ingredients bind moisture in the hair and store it for a long time, so that your hair feels soft, well cared for and wonderfully smooth even hours after rinsing. The organic aloe vera juice is also used as a proven active ingredient against dry and irritated scalp. The organic mango extract repairs dried out hair tips in a natural way, the contained vitamins have an antioxidant effect.

Certified natural cosmetics for almost 40 years

One thing was clear to us at SANTE right from the start: We want to take responsibility - for the (surrounding) world and for the people who live in it. We are constantly researching and developing our products and packaging to provide you and your family with the best quality and to protect our environment. One of our principles is the clear rejection of testing cosmetic products on animals - so you can be sure that all SANTE products are 100% animal-free!