Vegan face masks with natural ingredients

SANTE offers a variety of face masks tailored to the individual skin type and special care requirements. But they all have something in common: natural ingredients and precious botanicals. Dry skin is provided by the MOISTURISING MASK with the help of organic Inca Inchi Oil and organic shea butter intensive moisture. For combination skin we recommend the MATTING MASK that conjures up a matte complexion and reduces skin shine with organic grapefruit and Evermat™. The IMMEDIATELY Smoothing Mask provides demanding skin with new energy and the paracress contained in the mask immediately smoothes expression lines visibly and noticeably. Tired, slack or sensitive skin? Then the ANTI-STRESS MASK is exactly the right choice, because it reduces skin irritations and soothes irritated skin immediately.

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All face masks at a glance

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The new SANTE face masks for every skin need
The deep-cleansing cleansing agent ensures that sebum and dirt are removed ACTIVE COOL MASK with clay & bamboo powder. After a long (working) day the AFTERWORK GEL MASK is exactly the right choice, because it lets tired and sallow skin shine again with the help of organic avocado oil and moisturizing aloe vera. Coffee can now prove its superpower on the skin! The 2in1 COFFEE COCOCOS PEELING & MASK can be used individually as a 2in1 product. In combination with organic coconut oil, it vitalises the skin and provides that extra portion of moisture. Individual care for every skin area? Sure, with the 3in1 MULTIMASKING MASK! Organic Grapefruit & Evermat mattify the T-zone and refine the pores, Paracress smoothes the wrinkles around the eyes and the formulation Organic Inca Inchi Oil, Shea Butter & DayMoist CLR™ moisturises the cheeks.

Power active ingredients in the masks

Bio-Almond Oil
Has a soothing and calming effect. Its very good skin tolerance provides gentle care especially for sensitive skin and helps bring it back into balance.
Bio-Grapefruit Essence
Astringent and detoxifying, grapefruit strengthens connective tissue and tightens the skin. Its antibacterial effect makes it ideal for use in combination skin formulas.
Smoothens instantly, noticeably facial expression lines by relaxing the skin´s fine muscles and maintaining facial expressions with the herbal ingredient spilanthol. It also supports the skin's collagen network.