Solid Shower Gels

Discover our fixed shower products. Naturally effective without compromise and with purely natural fragrances. The perfect sustainable alternative to conventional shower gels. NATRUE certified, environmentally friendly, resource-saving and made with renewable raw materials. The cardboard material consists of 100% recycled fibers #zeroplastic. For the love of our planet. They are ideal for traveling and doing sports.
You are doing something good for your body and at the same time protecting our planet. Care and sustainability can be so easy!

These active ingredients moisturize

Bio-Aloe Vera Essence
Promotes the natural balance of all skin types and has a moisturizing effect. Over 200 active ingredients make the aloe plant valuable for cosmetic purposes and universally applicable.
Bio-Orange Oil
Mood-lifting and harmonizing, orange also vitalizes tired skin and has a tightening and antiseptic effect. It gives the hair shine and acts against scalp irritation.
Bio-Almond Oil
Has a soothing and calming effect. Its very good skin tolerance provides gentle care especially for sensitive skin and helps bring it back into balance.