NATRUE certified & 100% recycled bottles

Solid shampoos

Discover our solid vegan and silicone-free shampoos. Naturally effective without compromise and with purely natural fragrances. The perfect sustainable alternative to conventional shampoos. NATRUE certified, environmentally friendly, resource-saving and made with renewable raw materials. The cardboard material consists of 100% recycled fibers #zeroplastic. For the love of our planet. Good to know: 1 solid shampoo replaces 2 x 250ml shampoo bottles. Our solid shampoos are just as nourishing and foaming as the liquid shampoos. They are ideal for traveling and doing sports.

You are doing something good for your hair and by the way you are protecting our planet. Care and sustainability can be so easy!

These bio-active ingredients pamper your hair

Bio-Birch Leaf Essence
Helps blood circulation in the scalp and ensures optimal nourishment of hair roots. Strengthens the hair and reduces hair loss, it also provides it with a subtle shine.
Bio-Jojoba Oil
As it is revitalizing and very well tolerated, jojoba oil can be used universally. In chemical terms, it’s a wax that is quickly absorbed by the skin and provides you with a soothing feeling.
White Clay
Consists of kaolin and montmorillonite. Kaolin is a particularly fine and very light-colored clay, which is therefore also known as China clay. As a non-ferrous alternative, it has absorbent and cleansing properties. It frees the skin from excess grease more gently than other clays. It is therefore best suited to dry and sensitive skin. The clay silicate montmorillonite is characterized by its high levels of sheet silicates and can absorb plenty of water and other substances thanks to its unique lattice structure.

Your series for your hair type

for dry hair

for sensitive scalp

for shiny hair

Find the right shampoo for your hair

Whether gloss, volume or moisture - our product variety is suitable for every need and especially for the whole family. The shine shampoo with organic birch leaf provides new energy for dull hair. It gently cleanses scalp and hair and gives more shine and volume. For even more stunning volume and new energy, our Volume Shampoo is ideal, especially for fine, weak hair. The valuable formulation with watermelon extract, organic goji and organic aloe vera juice also helps to retain moisture and gives volume with a good grip. The extra portion of moisture is available with the Moisturizing Shampoo, which helps dry hair with organic aloe vera juice and organic mango extract to maintain healthy moisture day after day and gives natural shine.

For tired and stressed hair, the Repair Shampoo is suitable to unfold its revitalizing effect. The valuable formulation with organic gingko and organic olive oil and the hair conditioner inulin gives the hair new vitality and resilience. A simple wash for the whole family is provided by the Every Day Shampoo, which cleanses gently and thoroughly with selected surfactants of natural origin. It also provides care & shine and is also available as Extra Sensitive for particularly sensitive scalps. After thoroughly shampooing the entire head, it is also important to rinse thoroughly so that no product remains in the hair. Superfluous shampoo residues can unnecessarily weigh down the hair and prevent hair shine.

All organic shampoos

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100% certified. 100% natural. 100% performance.

All shampoos carry the internationally recognized NATRUE seal and guarantee genuine and certified natural cosmetics
Our shampoos contain valuable extracts from organic cultivation (kba) or wild collection and purely natural fragrances
Our production site in Salzhemmendorf in the heart of Germany is CO2-neutral and we work with 100% green electricity
Our sustainable shampoo bottles are made from 100% rPET. Fully recycled and recyclable. The label consists of 50% rPE + 50% industry surplus
We are committed to animal welfare. All shampoos are "vegan" and contain no ingredients of animal origin

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Natural shampoos with organic ingredients

Organic aloe vera juice, organic birch leaf extract or organic henna extract. Particularly sensitive, irritated and quickly greasy scalp is soothed with the organic birch leaf extract in our anti-dandruff shampoo - your hair feels fresh and invigorated. The organic henna extract promotes blood circulation and thus stimulates hair growth in the long term. Restore strength and volume to fine and flat hair without weighing it down. SANTE Moisturizing Shampoo without silicones with organic aloe vera juice and organic mango extract provides dry and damaged hair with optimal moisture and naturally smoothes rough hair structures. Thanks to the vitamin mix in the mango extract, the shampoo has an antioxidant effect and provides your hair with important nutrients, while the organic aloe vera juice cares for irritated scalp.

Shampoo without silicones

SANTE does not use artificial silicones in all its products. But what are silicones anyway? A silicone is a fully synthetic material and does not occur naturally. Silicones wrap themselves around the hair scales and make the hair soft and smooth, giving the impression of healthy hair. If products containing silicone are used regularly, they can deposit on the hair. This leads to the so-called build-up effect. In this case, caring ingredients can no longer penetrate the hair and the hair dries out under the silicone coat.

Our shampoos are of course "Cruelty Free"

Responsibility towards people and nature - this is important to us at SANTE, which is why we produce, work and act according to our principle "Care for you and the world! We have relied on nature from the very beginning, which is why all our SANTE products are free of synthetic dyes and preservatives, contain no parabens or paraffins, and are silicone-free.