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Discover our natural face cleansing products with precious organic ingredients and find your line. Effective without compromise and with purely natural fragrances. You do something good for yourself and you also protect our planet. Care and sustainability can be so easy!

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Products for natural facial care

A firm routine in facial cleansing is not only a habit but above all the skin thanks you. SANTE 2 Phase Make-up Remover with organic cucumber extract is ideal for first removing make-up from the face. If the eye area is particularly sensitive, the particularly mild Eye Make-up Remover can be used, which also dissolves waterproof make-up. Those who prefer a different texture for removing make-up can use the Refreshing Wash Gel, which thoroughly cleanses the skin of all everyday residues. For a very thorough cleansing of sensitive skin we recommend our Milky Micellar Water with Bio-Inca Inchi-oil & probiotics. To round off the routine, we recommend the use of a facial tonic to prepare the skin especially for the following care. Additional care is also provided with the Refining Soft Peeling and the 5in1 Alumina Cleanser and Mask.


100% certified. 100% natural. 100% performance.

All facial care products carry the internationally recognised NATRUE seal and guarantee genuine and certified natural cosmetics
Our facial care products contain valuable extracts from organic farming (kba) or wild collection and purely natural fragrances
Our production site in Salzhemmendorf in the heart of Germany is CO2-neutral and we work with 100% green electricity
We are committed to animal welfare. All shampoos are "vegan" and contain no ingredients of animal origin

The right cleanser for your face!

It's that easy with SANTE cleaning products:

1 Cleansing the face is the first step, removing make-up and dirt from the skin. Both the SANTE Refreshing washing gel as well as the Soft cleansing gel, which is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Both products cleanse the skin deeply and thoroughly so that it is optimally prepared for the following products.

In the second step there are - depending on the condition of the skin - different care options. For normal skin, simply use the SANTE Refreshing Facial Toner with Organic Aloe can be used to prepare the skin for subsequent care products. If there is a slightly greater need for care, the SANTE 5in1 Alumina Cleansing & Mask or the Refining soft peeling can be applied to provide the skin with an intensive care unit.


3 At the end of the skin care routine it is advisable - depending on the time of day - to apply a day or night cream suitable for the skin type and the appropriate eye care. The various SANTE skin care series for different needs can be found here.

Cleansing without dehydrating the skin thanks to natural active agents

Bio-Aloe Vera Essence
Promotes the natural balance of all skin types and has a moisturizing effect. Over 200 active ingredients make the aloe plant valuable for cosmetic purposes and universally applicable.
Bio-Grapefruit Essence
Astringent and detoxifying, grapefruit strengthens connective tissue and tightens the skin. Its antibacterial effect makes it ideal for use in combination skin formulas.
Bio-Shea Butter
Regulates ideally the skin's moisture balance and protects against dehydration. Contains valuable phytosterols, antioxidants and fatty acids strengthening the skin´s barrier.